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April 2024 - NOW OPEN!

Enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle in a safe and accessible way has never been easier thanks to our 500 metre walking track.

The walking track is open to all ages, whether you want to want to stroll, jog or scoot. All we ask is that you respect other users, but most of all, enjoy the space.


Walking Track Information

The walking track is available for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No. The walking track is available to all members of the public.

The track is primarily a walking track – however, we have no qualms if you want to pick up the pace. Please just be mindful of other users.

Wheels are allowed when there are no walkers on track, please dismount otherwise. Remember, there is a dedicated skate park and bike track at Cronk Grianagh.

The track is 500m in one lap, so 10 laps is your 5k!

Not currently, but we’d love to hear from anyone interested in arranging ‘walk and talk’ sessions.

Sadly, our furry friends are not permitted on the Roundhouse grounds. To explain our thinking, the facility is aimed at sport, wellbeing, and family. Whilst we know that dogs do offer some wellbeing benefits as our companions, it’s not the same for everyone. Some children (and grownups) can be scared of dogs, plus the green is a place for picnics and ball games – which dog fouling and ball chasing may disrupt.

We do of course permit therapy and guide dogs.

There are dog walking areas nearby in Braddan at Cronk Grianagh Park and Millenium Oakwood.

Dogs are not allowed on the entirety of the Hospital Estate.

Not at present, but if you have an event in mind please get in touch! 

Yes, walking track users are welcome to use the lockers and changing rooms within The Roundhouse.

Lets talk! Speak to duty staff, Email team@theroundhouse.im, text 498662, DM via any of our social media, or pop up to the first floor of the centre to the Braddan Parish Commissioners’ reception counter where you can speak to staff about the Roundhouse or wider areas of the Parish.

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